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                          The Magician (Portrait of Mark F. Barone)
                     oil on canvas 2024, by Marlene Seven Bremner 
                       ~ Articles + Updates ~
~ My recent discussion with celebrated comedian Ryan Singer                             regarding Archetypal Tantra ~

~Articles + Updates~

~ My learning, engagement, integration, and implementation of the          legendary I Ching, with the guidance of the multi-talented
                                      Maja D’Aoust ~

The Occult I Ching _ Maja D'Aoust.png
     I have the pleasure of years of knowing the multi-talented Maja D'Aoust, and began
  reading the above pictured book, The Occult I Ching : The Secret Language of Serpents
    swiftly after it's publishing in 2019.  Within said volume, Maja reveals the depth and
    expansiveness of her wisdom and artistry, drawing from multiple sources to present a
     chronicle of the I Ching, as well as a clear guide comprised of interpretations of the
  hexagrams and glyphs, literary quotations, poetry, and a number of potent images she    
 illustrated which engender comprehension of the narrative and symbology for purposes of
                                                 divination and healing.
     In 2022 I experienced the initiation of learning, engagement, and integration of the
   I Ching with Maja as my teacher, and since then I have gained much experience and
  wisdom with the methods of generating, reading, and translating the Hexagrams, and
 utilizing them for magical processes, and I also received her blessing and have begun to integrate the I Ching into collaborations within my private practice. Maja is such a brilliant human and a consummate mentor, and I highly appreciate her support and guidance of my                                    ongoing knowledge, confidence, and mastery.


     Further information regarding Maja D’Aoust is located at;


                           Written by Mark F. Barone & published on 4/20/24                                              
                                          © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


   ~ Sol Catalyst Therapies ~ practice currently full with waiting list ~

     Yes, I do currently have a waiting list for and conduct initial consultations with any        potential new clients.  The most ideal way to begin the process of connecting and       scheduling a complimentary consultation is to let me know you would like to be                                      added to my waiting list by emailing me at; 
   I will respond to your email within 5 business days, and hope to speak with you at                                                  some point in the future!
                          Written by Mark F. Barone & published on 2/24/24
                 Image from the film The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky
                                         © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


  ~ My appearance on the Sex is Medicine webcast with Devi Ward Erickson to discuss Archetypal Tantra ~

 I recently experienced the pleasure and grand Fortune of appearing on the Sex is Medicine podcast with the phenomenal leader, and one of my brilliant Authentic Tantra instructors, Devi Ward Erickson who is also the Curator of the Authentic Tantra ® Modality, and Founder of the                                           Institute of Authentic Tantra Education.

             One of my favorite elements of the inclusive, compassionate, transfomative                   and empowering Authentic Tantra program and sangha is the encouragement of students          and graduates to bring our true Self to personal and professional practices, which for me                            resulted in the crafting of my Archetypal Tantra template.  

       Archetypal Tantra is a complement to my other private practice templates of Holistic               Psychotherapy and Psychospiritual Counsel and involves the weaving of my knowledge         and experience of Astrology and Tarot with Authentic Tantra theory and practices.  In this       episode, Devi and I discuss Archetypal Tantra ~ Sacred Languages and Practices of Healing,                                              Actualization and Enlightenment.  



      The episode and further information regarding Devi Ward Erickson and the Institute of                        Authentic Tantra Education is located at ~

                                         Written & refined by Mark F. Barone 
                                           & initially published on 10/18/20                                                                                  
                                             © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC

~ My discussion with celebrated comedian Ryan Singer
                    regarding Archetypal Tantra ~

 I recently made my second appearance on the podcast Me and Paranormal You, with highly     intelligent, courageous, and empathic multi-disciplinary and dimensional entertainer Ryan          Singer.  I always enjoy our interactions, and in this episode our discussion is around my          newly crafted modality, Archetypal Tantra, in which I integrate the sacred languages of             Astrology and Tarot, with the theory and Tibetan Buddhist practices of Authentic Tantra.   

    Ryan and I joyfully traipsed through the Tantric territory while working on articulating our            motivations for exploring our unique archetypal cosmologies, and aligning with our       dharmic realities while also reclaiming and restoring function and pleasure in the physical,     emotional, relational, spiritual, sexual, and creative spheres of the authentic Self.  I'm very excited to share these methods, and for future collaborations while implementing this modality                                                     via my private practice. 
             The episode and further information regarding Ryan Singer are available at;                                               

                                         Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                           & initially published on 2/25/20


                                             © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC

 ~ Nick Cave and the Process of Saturnian Integration ~

I focus on integration of the archetype of Saturn early in my work with clients, as I find it facilitates living in a space of authentic Self, and having the experience of personal sovereignty.  Saturnian energies are often mysterious and intense to process, testing capacity to choose appropriate expressions of vulnerability, trust, and love-focused decision making.

Saturn presence represents many things including; conciseness, structure, discipline, and 
authority, and reminds us of mortality and the necessity of boundaries and labor. Saturn is
the skeleton of our existence, symbolizing the core of who we are and what activities, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, and sensations help us stand vertically with fortitude and equanimity.

To me these images of Nick Cave have a feel of Saturn gnosis and expression, and clues to how and why he survived years of substance use, and subsequently emerged as a highly unique, autonomous, and successful musician with devotion to muse and authentic expression of the narratives, visions, and songs of his soul.  

Above left is an image in 1985 of Nick amidst deep heroin addiction in Berlin, and the image above right in 2014, shows him with his system clean of substances and sitting in his office in Brighton.  The images show him within creative process and while there are differences, I sense conspicuous connections between the atmospheres. In each room Cave prioritizes creative work, organizing environments of shadow and light, chaotic and orderly, and inspiring ambiance with instruments, artwork, writing tools, and books. The setting, materials, and purpose are the same while the enriched Saturnian refinement and integration of the more current picture is clearly visible…as inside so outside.  

Although Saturn can be viewed as a most edgy, dark, and challenging force to tangle with, particularly at specific points within the human lifespan, I actually enjoy and find a prodigious amount of clarity, strength, and centeredness, as well as lighter yet rich experiences of humor and grace when consciously engaging with the planet and it's energy.  I also find the Saturnian integrations I facilitate in collaborations within my private practice to be an honor and pleasure, and in multiple ways brilliant and deeply rewarding.


                                         Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                           & initially published on 9/12/19


                                             © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


   ~ My engagment in the Astrologik course taught by
   Antero Alli, and continuing integration of the sacred
                       language of Astrology ~

In recent months I engaged in and completed the Astrologik course led by the multi-talented     astrologer, author, and film maker Antero Alli, and as result I have a deeper and more       expansive awareness and understanding of the characteristics and influences of; the signs   and houses of the Zodiac, inner and transpersonal planets and other celestial figures, the                                   lunar nodes, and aspects within natal charts.
In implementing the sacred language of Astrology I steadfastly discover illuminating insights which support the navigation, refinement, and expansion of my personal archetypal journey
       within this incarnation, and I’m excited to profoundly integrate this wisdom into my
                                                       private practice.


                  Further information regarding Antero Alli is located at;
                                         Image by visionary artist Paul Lafolley


                                          Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                           & initially published on 12/23/18


                                             © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


  ~ Anthony Bourdain and The Magician Archetype ~

Yesterday, seasoned magician Anthony Michael Bourdain made the transition from his bodily vehicle and tangible inhabitance on the physical plane, and I feel his departure deeply at a visceral level, likely because of our shared; affinity for punk rock music, overcoming of heroin addiction in our earlier years, and diligence in honoring of our needs and desires for personal sovereignty, authenticity, and Self-expression.

Bourdain, pictured above left, embodied the psychological and somatic skills of The Magician archetype, detail above right of Le Bateleur from the Marseille tarot, during his time in kitchens as a chef, when he transformed raw ingredients into divinely delicious dishes while working in restaurants such as Les Halles in New York.

Though also impactful on an expansive scale are his demonstrations of the communicative Mercurial qualities of The Magician archetype.  With the arrival of Anthony's book Kitchen Confidential, his adeptness in communication via the written word initiated his emergence into collective consciousness, and in subsequent years on camera he showed an uncanny empathic and connective character overtly displayed in his interactions with people of manifold cultures whom he enjoyably broke bread with, modeling respect for and interest in the individuals and communities he encountered.

I feel gratitude for Bourdain and his modeling of recognition, regard, and appreciation of the other, as it is a key to integration of individual and collective shadow, as well as the creation and support of nurturing and empowering paradigms, and thus it behooves us to see and embrace the positive potentials of acceptance and collaboration toward fostering the healing of Self, humanity, and planet Earth.



                                          Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                             & initially published on 6/9/18


                                              © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


 ~ Wes Anderson's Rushmore and the Wheel of Fortune Archetype ~

 While reading The Wes Anderson Collection, I found an archetypal narrative begin to     emerge when viewing the picture of actor Bill Murray above, from Anderson’s film         Rushmore.  The still, captured during the shooting of a pivotal sequence of conflict              between two of the main characters, Murray as Herman Blume, and Jason            Schwartzman as Max Fischer, is from a montage of their battle, the severity of which     intensifies with each strike and peaks when they attack each other’s “wheels”.  After      Blume warps Fischer’s bicycle and Max in turn cuts the brake-lines of Herman’s car,                            Fischer is arrested and the two eventually reconcile.

      The Wheel of Fortune image from the Major Arcana of the Tarot is frequently 

 illustrated as a large wooden wheel with creatures on the west, east, and true north sides, and the plot of Rushmore revolves around three individuals pictured above from      left to right; Fischer, their shared romantic interest, Rosemary Cross, portrayed by                                               Olivia Williams, and Blume.

          A sphinx often sits with a serene and regal air atop the wheel in many of the             depictions, as shown above in the Marseille, Smith Waite, and Thoth tarots, and              Williams’ Rosemary symbolizes this alluring figure to both Herman and Max as                       they attempt to climb around the wheel to win the affections of Cross.


 The sphinx of the Greeks guarded the entrance to the city of Thebes, holding the key to       future of many, and the draw of Rosemary seems to be that she represents such a   figure.  The Romans also viewed their goddess Fortuna as holding the influence of fate, and as Fischer and Blume both face existential and/or institutional crisis and pressure in their respective circles, their drive for a relationship with Cross may symbolize a desire                                  for control over the events to unfold in their lives.  


The pressures faced by Blume and Fischer are related to the challenges which can arise       when there is resistance of integration of the positive lessons of the Wheel of Fortune, such as qualities of objectivity or openness to see opportunities, flexibility to adapt and evolve, and a willingness to seek new ways of true creative Self-expression.  Exhibiting         the polarity of such traits leads to dilemmas depicted in Rushmore as Max clings           rigidly to a cycle he identifies and is comfortable with, being a student at Rushmore,       with heavy involvement in many extracurricular activities and social clubs there. His         continuing engagement in the system is threatened by his lack of interest in what he           considers to be mundane academic work, leading to the authorities of the school                   suspending him with a threat of expulsion if doesn’t improve his grades. 


   Blume’s suffering seems to be related to a need to express himself creatively in new  ways, as he has found himself extremely successful at owning and directing an industrial   manufacturing business, yet feeling bored and uninspired, unsatisfied in his marriage, and frustrated by an inability to effectively wield fatherly influence in relationship with                                                          his two sons.  


  After the previously described conflict between Max and Blume, and realization of his      current strategies and viewpoints being ineffective, Fischer lets go of the actions and perspectives blocking his progress, and begins integration and demonstration of the skills of the Fortune arcana, leading to positive turns of the Wheel.  The planet correlated with   The Wheel of Fortune archetype is the expansive Jupiter, aka Fortuna's father in Roman   mythology, and as Max’s ability to be open, flexible, and creatively expressive in new      ways increases, he has a breakthrough and his life grows accordingly, leading him to diverse collaborations, an unexpected romantic relationship, and a standing ovation at the conclusion of his new play which he writes, directs, and acts in.  Such a moving and beautiful theatrical portrait is a potent reminder that holding the image of Fortune in our minds while embracing it’s energies with emotion, action, and creative spirit leads to the         freedom, empowerment, and expansion that is our sacred and divine birthright.





  Arrien, Angeles (1997) The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual                                Symbols. New York, NY: Jeremy P Tarcher/Penguin

   Jodorowsky, Alejandro, & Marianne Costa. (2009) The Way of Tarot: the Spiritual                                  Teacher in the Cards. Rochester, VT: Destiny Books.

     Mendell, B. & Schiff, P. (Producers) & Anderson, W. (Director). (1998) Rushmore             [Motion picture]. United States: American Empirical Pictures, Touchstone Pictures.


 Zoller Seitz, Matt (2013) The Wes Anderson Collection. New York, NY: Abrams Books



                                     Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                       & initially published on 6/1/18


                                         © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


  ~ Sol Catalyst Therapies : Sigil and Title ~
  I recently sensed and acted on the inspiration to design a symbol for my private       practice as a Holistic Psychotherapist and Psychospiritual Consultant, and with             some meditation, visualization, and drawing, the sigil above emerged. I              placed the image of the Egyptian Eye of Horus in the center to represent the          element of Aether, as well as deep levels of awakening, clarity, Self-awareness,        creative expression, healing, and wisdom, and the rays of light and dark are         emanations of higher and deeper levels of consciousness and experience on all planes resulting from individuation facilitated and supported by therapeutic process                                         and/or spiritual practices.

My implementation of holistic and psychospiritual templates is illustrated by the four        alchemical elemental triangles of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth corresponding          respectively to the; spiritual, psychological, emotional, and somatic realms. To me,        the triangles also are connected with and symbolize phenomenon including;
   authenticity, creativity, belief systems, relationships, mental and physical health,           life-force energy, wealth of resources, and paths to enlightenment, and the  modalities and therapies I integrate, including; Humanistic, Depth, Evidence-based,     and Somatic Psychotherapies, Chakra System and Yoga theory and exercises,       exploration of the archetypal cosmology of the Tarot, and an expanding use of the                                sacred language and art of Astrology.

     I sometimes work with these techniques individually, though more frequently I       weave them together with potent results. To match my new emblem I am renaming       my private practice as Sol Catalyst Therapies, which ideally and successfully 
    articulates my unique and eclectic approach and services.  I see and feel the        materializations of the icon and title as auspicious and fortifying, and I'm excited      to continue expansion of my knowledge and experience, and refinement of my              performance and aptitude within my personal and professional worlds.


                            Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                    & initially published on 3/25/18


                                      © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


My recent discussion with celebrated comedian Ryan Singer
 regarding the significance of integrating Science and Magic ~

         I recently experienced the positive fortune of having an engaging and
thought-provoking discussion with clever and daring comedian Ryan Singer on his     "mindcast", Me and Paranormal You. Ryan is a gifted and insightful host, and I enjoyed the conversation as we explored vignettes from my life narrative and work as a Holistic Psychotherapist, which are connected with my beliefs and experiences   in support of the integration and balancing of the elements of Science and Magic.

In my private practice I integrate Evidence-based practices supported by research,   and scientific information about the functioning of the mind and body, along with 
   Humanistic, Depth, and Somatic therapies, and augment those modalities with       techniques of Chakra System and Tarot exploration, that while effective, are by        nature ethereal and often must be experienced to know and trust their power to     
  produce such profound results.  As all individuals are unique, I find this eclectic use of methods is conducive to a flexible lens and structure which fosters successful           collaborations while implementing my Holistic Psychotherapy template.


          The episode and additional information about Ryan are available at;                                          


                                 Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                   & initially published on 9/1/17 


                                     © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


        ~ The Primordial Earth Mother Goddess Archetype : A Portal to Self-empowerment and Actualization ~

   I love these details from two of my favorite artworks depicting primordial earth mother goddesses.  Above left is The Empress, conceptualized by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris circa 1939-41 for the Thoth Tarot. Above right is from artist Mark Ryden’s work entitled The Creatrix, completed and first exhibited in 2005.  Although the images have stylistic differences, I see they share some distinct      correspondences as well, and both conjure the lovely, intelligent, creative and                                         powerful energies of this archetype.

    The divine feminine is seen in the narratives and illustrations of goddesses from      different cultures including; Demeter and Gaia of Greek mythology, Shakti and    Lakshmi of Hinduism, Venus of the Romans and our Solar System, and the Anima of Jungian psychology.  This archetype is also correlated with the root chakra, known as Muladhara, located at the base of the spine.  The foundation of our functioning      stems from said root, where we hold beliefs and emotions about our environment          and safety, as well as our right to exist and to have our physical needs met.  

     The pervasiveness of the primordial mother archetype seems to frequently be   obscured amongst the fast-paced technology-focused lives in which so many find         themselves enmeshed.  Functioning within such a framework often leads to depressed and/or anxious thought patterns and feelings of there being; scarcity of   and competition for resources, frequent potential threats to physical health, and the          need to be in control, flawless, and always “onstage” and productive as   individuals.  While there are instances where there is truth to those experiences,         there are also ways of living from a structure established in root belief system       characterized by phenomenon of; abundance, clarity, confidence, spontaneity,                                              vulnerability, and trust. 

      A potential remedy for symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and other          conditions is to click into a more centered and pleasurable mindset, in which we may recognize and connect with the earth mother archetype, which is the birthright   of all individuals. A swift survey of our surroundings should be a positive place to      begin, and most likely will reveal the multitude of resources available and in near         proximity to us.  Some ways to start shifting to an abundance and self-love               operating system and to communicate with our mind, body, and spirit are;          cleaning, organizing, and decorating living spaces, cooking food for ourselves, wearing comfortable clothing and favorite scents, spending time in nature, caring          for plants, and listening to music we find soothing and/or energizing. 

   By cultivating an environment and foundation which communicates to our senses    that we love and can care for ourselves, we begin to experience and know these     truths at a cellular level, clearing the way for a fulfilling existence and increased         adeptness in actualizing our visions.  I began such a potent, healing, and empowering journey myself some years ago via personal study and engagement   with the Hindu Chakra System structure, leading to completion of a Chakra Yoga        Teacher Training with Anodea Judith Phd, and subsequent integration of the structure into my private practice.  I'm excited to continue such processes where the theory and exercises are infused into collaborations within which I implement my                                             Holistic Psychotherapy template



   Arrien, Angeles (1997) The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient                       Visual Symbols. New York, NY: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin

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       Duquette, Lon M. (2003) Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot.

                                 San Francisco, CA: Weiser Books

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                                Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                  & initially published on 8/23/17 


                                     © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC


 ~David Bowie and Archetypes of the Tarot~ 

       As described in a previous post, Christina Pazsitzky and I engaged in a                discussion on her podcast That's Deep Bro, about various topics related to

Holistic Psychotherapy, including Jungian theories and their translation into practice in our present incarnation. During our conversation we briefly scratched the surface   of the topic of David Bowie's apparent identification and connection with, as well    as embodiment of specific archetypes, particularly from the Tarot.  The process of       integrating and expressing archetypal energies is worth exploring because the   stories we see, hear, and believe often have significant influence on how we view, experience, and act in our lives, as do the images we hold in our imaginations that influence our functioning in connection with Self-image & expression, relationships,       career, culture, creativity, somatic awareness, and spirituality or existential                                                           perspectives.

Often these narratives and symbols are invasively projected and/or pushed toward     us, resulting in uncomfortable and contractive beliefs and identifications, while            some revolve around us without our acknowledgment, and others may be consciously revealed and directed by us through our openness, judiciousness, and engagement.  In being mindful of synchronicity, we can awaken and intentionally       begin discovering methods of identification and connection with images and            essences available to us, which can stimulate our innate skills toward shifting automatic thought, behavior, and somatic patterns, expanding perception beyond adopted reality tunnels, and also toward rousing ourselves from waking sleep to consciously shift our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual/existential 


Using Bowie as an example is illuminating because many events of his life indicate     that he had knowledge of, mindfully metabolized, and artistically reflected his experience of the archetypes that resonated with him.  After recording the podcast,

  I contemplated a bit more regarding Bowie phenomenon, and felt moved to write

  some of my initial observations and thoughts related to his ideas, aesthetics, and music, which illustrate ways these elements have connections to his astrological, and archetypal makeup.  The specific archetypes from the Tarot that are identified and

examined here in relation to Bowie are The Star, the Queen of Disks, and The Devil.


      above left-  detail from album cover of Low - photograph by Steve Schapiro              above right - detail of The Star card from the Rohrig Tarot - by Carl W. Rohrig


     This piece illustrates the way in which a synchronistic story may appear and            mature when researched, and as the material, concepts, and study of Tarot,         archetypes and astrology are prodigious, my intention is that only concise and        applicable interpretations, explanations and correspondences will be described, and while a complete review of these topics as related to the entire span of David      Bowie’s lifetime is merited, this article presents insights into a specific space and         time when these energies aligned in his life, catalyzing his emergence into a                                           legendary musical icon status. 

Archetypes can be defined as evolving images, narratives, or templates that are     often recognized, represented, and find embodiment in literature, art, and music,         as well as in other forms of media, and in our thought, speech, actions, and         interactions with others. The Tarot archetype of The Star came to mind initially during the discussion of Bowie, partially due to his many literal, lyrical references to the word star in various contexts, yet most importantly because of his demonstration       of various aspects of what the image illustrates.  A fitting interpretation is one         holding that The Star represents, among other things, the ability to connect with        otherworldly, yet universal energy and higher intelligence, and to manifest the          information gathered into influential work on the material realm of physical existence.  To me, this is a concise and accurate description of Bowie's artistic and     musical process exemplified by the album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from        Mars, and continuing in various incarnations through his final album Black Star.

    I began further contemplation about deeper connections with this and other            archetypes which may be witnessed at play in Bowie's life, and remembered        having listened to a podcast interview with musician Christiana Key, where she referenced some information from David's astrological chart.  Christiana described     being in the process of designing a musical performance ritual for her project, Delphic Oracle, focussed around integrating the energies of Bowie's Sun sign of             Capricorn, and his Rising sign in Aquarius both of which she believes he            demonstrated in his life and works. The Sun and Rising sign, or Ascendant, are considered to be of great importance in an individual’s chart, and according to a colleague of mine, Kiki Erickson, can be defined succinctly as representative of the individual's personality, and their soul, aspirations, or higher self toward which they

                                                are working.  

   I experienced another aha moment upon this realization, in that Aquarius is the 

astrological sign corresponding to The Star card of the Tarot, and appears to be a       crystalline illustration of the fact that Bowie appears to have been driven by    identification with higher self, informing him to communicate prescient social and      spiritual information via the incredibly earthy, sonic vehicle of rock n' roll music. 
Although this process of Bowie's experienced an expansive breakthrough with his        record Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,  I believe the origin of his archetypal embodiments began audibly and visibly with his the album entitled The Man Who Sold the World.  Emergent during the conceptualization and production     of said album were the Queen of Disks, an archetypal energy recognized as influencing the astrological time-frame of December 13th to January 9th, January     8th being Bowie’s birthday, and The Devil which represents Capricorn, his Sun                    sign, more about the significance of these energies later.     



above left: detail of the Devil card from the Smith Waite Tarot - concept by             Arthur Edward Waite and artwork by Pamela Colman-Smith
    above right: detail from photograph of David Bowie - Photographer -  
                                              Brian Ward   


  Prior to recording The Man Who Sold the World, David Bowie appears to have been on a search for an artistic and/or musical niche, often leaning on and borrowing from some of the most popular masculine personae of folk and rock n’ roll music of the era. He also held a longstanding spiritual quest, focused heavily on Buddhism, and is reported by some to have at one point    studied at a monastery headed by Chogyam Trungpa who later became a highly influential teacher of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. This narrative sees Bowie being on the precipice of becoming a monk, until he received advice    from his instructor that he would affect larger scale change as a musician.  Within the next few years before recording The Man Who Sold the World it        seems that his spiritual exploration most likely branched into Jungian,         philosophical, and magical areas as reflected by shifts in his image and              lyrical content as well as in the cultivation of a unique musical                                                              sound.   


   The Width of a Circle,  the first song of the album, is comprised of lyrics       describing an introspective and dreamlike, Jungian journey in which the singer is confronted with, acknowledges, and integrates his shadow. The          shadow in Bowie’s case appears to include the archetype of The Devil, which is often illustrated as androgynous, as well as being representative of many things including; the god Pan and the constellation Capricornis, and        also is frequently distinguished by various themes including; intense   earthiness, overt sexuality, humor, addiction, provocativeness, and mastery    of the material realm.  These qualities, particularly liberating ideas and demonstrations around sexuality,  became signatures of Bowie’s presence for years to come, and we hear many of them in his music and lyrics, and also     in photographs where he began to cultivate an androgynous persona.
   This shift in image and content also appears also to be connected with the     arrival and integration of Bowie's anima, or the feminine qualities of his       unconscious psyche which may be seen as the influence of The Queen of   Disks referenced earlier.  This progression accurately reflects the chronology      of the process of individuation as described by Carl Jung, in which the         meeting of the shadow is a initiatory event which precedes the ultimate       connection with, and integration of the individual’s anima or animus.  This anima appears to be hinted at by Bowie on one cover for The Man Who Sold the World, where he is pictured lounging on a couch with long, wavy       hair, wearing a gown, with a pack of standard playing cards strewn on the floor while he holds an individual card outward in front of him, being                                          the King of Diamonds.  

  The standard 52 card playing deck and the Tarot share much in common including; Kings, Queens, and four suits that correspond to each other.  The Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds of the playing card deck correspond       to the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks/Pentacles of the Tarot each           representing an element, being  Fire, Water, Air, and Earth respectively,       which in turn are illustrations of various areas of existence. That being recognized, the King of Diamonds would be the King of Disks or Pentacles in  the Tarot, and thus a counterpart of the Queen of Disks, and Disks are         representative of Earth, which is the element connected with the sign of Capricorn, and The Devil card.  In addition to embodying these archetypal          personae visually and lyrically,  Bowie also demonstrated a strong            connection and influence in the material realm by implementing these earthly Disk/Pentacle energies and having his music distributed in the format of vinyl records, also referred to professionally and affectionately as “discs”. 


 above left: detail of the Queen of Disks card from Thoth Tarot - concept by 
               Aleister Crowley and artwork by Lady Frieda Harris                   above right: detail of photograph from the film The Man Who Fell to Earth -                   director of photography - Anthony B. Richmond



   The image and archetype of the Queen of Disks, is representative of an      individual who having completed a long and difficult journey, eventually      arrives in a fruitful, and prosperous place where they may clearly access and manifest their visions.  We see reference to this process in quotes from Bowie such as “Religion is for people who fear hell, and spirituality is for those who have been there”, and within the span of his subsequent four and a half decades of artistic and musical work.  Some other characteristics of       this persona are benevolence, generosity, and the need for a focus on     physical nourishment, which if ignored may cause an inclination toward       substance abuse.  Here we find these connections quickly in viewing              various times in Bowie’s life, such as his lightness in collaboration                and fostering of fellow musician Iggy Pop, who described Bowie as;

 “…more of a benefactor than a friend in a way most people think of     friendship. He went a bit out of his way to bestow some good karma on       me.”, and also in the darkness he experienced in his well documented struggles with addiction for some time, where at one point he subsisted for           months on a diet of milk, red  and green peppers and cocaine.  
  These events from David Bowie’s narrative also point to a core concept of    the individuation process in that it is a evolving work of integration and balance, as most qualities hold light and darkness, suffering and joy. With the archetype of The Star, the ability to connect with and channel advanced    intelligence thrives by staying centered and connected with the earth via       processes such as art, music, literature, and connection with others, the intense, primal energy of The Devil may be tempered with humor, and the philanthropy of the Queen of Disks sustained by the practice of self-care.  If we view ourselves as physical, intellectual, emotional, an spiritual beings, we can see that nurturing and expression of these elements in a balanced                    way has the potential to support a life of wholeness. 

    I often experience the personal freedom, empowerment, and expansion           that results from a focus on individuation as well as awareness, contemplation and integration of archetypal energies of the Tarot, and I am    honored to witness and guide others in engendering the shifts they desire    in their lives by exploring these areas within our therapeutic alliance.  I   welcome collaborating with those who wish to initiate this type of process,          and I look forward to continuing the journey of magic, liberation,

                  Self-expression and actualization, and enlightenment.




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                            Written & refined by Mark F. Barone                 

                                & initially posted  on 7/19/16                                        

                                © Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC



 ~ My recent discussion with the brilliant Christina Pazsitzky ~

           I recently joined the brilliant comedian and philosopher
     Christina Pazsitsky on her podcast That’s Deep Bro, for my first                published and live discussion regarding my profession as a
                                Holistic Psychotherapist. 


 I feel much appreciation for her and the opportunity, and found our conversation regarding Psychology and various Jungian themes including individuation, synchronicity and         archetypes to be a very pleasing journey, and I look          forward to speaking and writing with respect to these              elements as I continuing integrating them into my                            personal and private practices! 

               Written & refined by Mark F. Barone
                 & initially posted  on 3/14/16 

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