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     Holistic Psychotherapy




       Mark’s awareness of there being multiple   
  variables which lead individuals to seek therapy
      served as motivation and guidance for him     
      crafting his Holistic Psychotherapy template,
         with the intention of acknowledging and
         harmonizing the psychological, physical,
            emotional, relational, creative, and
               spiritual/existential dimensions
                          of humanity.  


 Enlightenment can be translated as freedom from
     suffering, and in current times suffering often
manifests as symptoms of anxiousness, depression,
      post-traumatic stress disorder, conflict within
   relationships, self-image issues, creative blocks, and confusion around the meaning and purpose of


      In implementing his Holistic Psychotherapy 
  template, Mark weaves together Humanistic and
      Depth Psychology, Evidence-based Somatic
     meditations and practices, with empowering

  sacred Archetypal languages including Astrology
      and Tarot, which allow him to assess, track,

  facilitate, and support the intricate calibration of
arious elements of human incarnation. 



The result is often; relief of symptoms, clearing of

      obscurations, expansion of awareness, and

      subsequent blooms of enlightened states of;

      equanimity, pleasure, vigor, reciprocal love,

   confidence, artistry, wisdom, merit, & conscious



Psychospiritual Counsel

  Some of us are born with or develop a yearning          for spiritual or existential experience,
meaning, and purpose. Mark found awareness of
   such an element of himself early in life, guiding
    him to and supporting his diligent exploration,
      study, engagement, and practice of various 
      spiritual methods, and the accumulation of
increasingly profo
und and expansive experiences. 


  With appreciation of this perennial aspiration of       himself and humanity, complemented by his
gained knowledge and adeptness, Mark cultivated the design of his Psychospiritual Counsel template,     a mode of consultation in which he helps affect
      change at a soul level via the identification           and conscious actualization of authentic Self   embodiment and journey on one’s path of destiny.  

     Within his Psychospiritual Consultations he   
   weaves together the language, theory, and     

  practices of; Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, Chakra
Systems, Shadow Integration, Tibetan Vajrayana
Buddhism, and the I Ching.  Mark’s wisdom and 
skill with these practices is informed by his eternal
  and steadfast personal study, engagement, and
praxis, as well as his instruction, training, and/or
   practicum with Anodea Judith Phd, Antero Alli,       the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, and 
                          Maja D'Aoust.

Archetypal Tantra

    Archetypal Tantra is a modality of instruction     
     woven by Mark via the conjunction of the
languages, symbolism, theories, and practices of Authentic Tantra with those of Astrology and Tarot. The resulting structure provides a potent avenue for
      initiating or deepening knowledge of one’s authentic Self, and affecting external environmental and existential circumstances by internal healing of
      physical, emotional, intellectual, relational,
       spiritual, and sexual dimensions of being.

 Engagement in this process with Mark as a guide   is an initiation into the Shangpa Kagyu lineage of         the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, and into the realm of Astrological and         Tarot cosmology and experience. Spanning           centuries, these templates are compendiums holding configurations of empowering beliefs and behaviors reflective of perennial truths and wisdom which have the capacity to catalyze gradual or               swift healing, transformation, and
Self- actualization, and
 consequently the support       of an experienced practitioner is often vital and                          highly valuable.    

The path includes focus on increasing somatic and     energy body awareness, connection with and
      integration of the archetypal five elements, and     conscious engagement and experimentation with     the sacred and divine duality and interplay of;   feminine and masculine, yin and yang, receptive       and active, toward cultivating an authentic          embodiment of sexuality according to one’s own
 desire, design, and pleasure compass. As Mark’s      instruction augments structure with flexibility,          supporting a mindfully inclusive and diverse           atmosphere and curriculum which facilitates 
liberation, the results frequently are experiences of     fulfilling levels of trust, intimacy, and pleasure,       as well as feelings of bliss and enlightenment.  
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