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 Rates + Contact

    Mark is located in Seattle, Washington, holds appointments via video conference, and his private                              practice is currently full with a waiting list for potential new clients.
Mark bills some insurance companies directly for services and provides a sliding scale of rates for his
                                                              private pay clients.  

As the templates of Holistic Psychotherapy, Psychospiritual Counsel, and Archetypal Tantra are unique           from each other,  Mark will conduct a consultation before any initial appointments to identify if 
     collaborating is a good fit as well as which modality will be best suited for your wants and needs.                       
If you are interested in a consultation the following article specifies significant information to know                                                       before any contact with Mark;                                                   
                               Sol Catalyst Therapies ~ practice currently full with waiting list               

                The most effective way to contact Mark is via email at

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