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  Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC

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     Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Psychospiritual        Consultant, and Archetypal Tantra Instructor in Seattle, Washington, offering                         services via his private practice Sol Catalyst Therapies. 

Early in life he perceived his intuitive, empathic, and humanitarian skills, while also receiving exposure to the language and art of Astrology, and experiencing   epiphanies with regard to the potency of sound, image, ritual, spirituality, and    interpersonal exchanges.  In his twenties said traits led Mark to; working as a   recording and touring musician, initiation into exploration and experience with    the Tarot, study and production of artwork, and engaging in multiple forms of                                                         Yoga.

Subsequently Mark received and holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology,   professional status as a Licensed Health Mental Health Counselor, and formal    certification as a Sexologist, as well as education, training, and/or certification 

    in the spheres of Astrology, Chakra Yoga, and Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism,    which influenced and are integrated into his unique templates of healing and       actualization he implements to facilitate and support efficacious personal and                                               professional praxis.

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