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   “I thoroughly enjoyed taking Mark Barone’s Archetypal Tantra class. I was familiar with some aspects of Tantra but had no idea how in depth the course would go. Mark held a consistent and calm presence, always checking in to make sure I was understanding and moving at a pace that was comfortable for me, so I felt very safe and supported while learning from him. The meditations and visualizations really helped me to open up some blockages I hadn’t realized were
there. Things started happening in my life that aligned with the elements I was working with, and I really noticed the relationship between my inner and outer experience. I would highly recommend Mark’s Tantra class to anyone wanting to explore Tantra for the first time or for those wanting to go
 deeper with their practice.”

Marlene Seven Bremner
Artist, Writer, and Poet
       “My session with Mark was         enlightening and helped me dive  deeper into the shadow work I had been doing. He provided a caring space and made acute observations from studying my chart that had not been clear to me, and this opened   new pathways to integrating thought patterns and healing long-forgotten emotions. I highly recommend Mark's Psychospiritual Counsel service to anyone who wants to go deeper into   their psyche in a creative and more esoteric way."
 Trista Dedmon 
Designer, Mystic, and Creator
 “Mark's knowledge and manner make
   him the perfect guide to uncovering      and exploring the incredible healing   benefits of this magical system. I have   been astounded at the transformative power of Archetypal Tantra and at the     synchronicity each new meditation,   lesson, and insight have made in my         life. Mark's openness and deep         empathy make talking about and        dealing with my deepest insecurities remarkably easy and I look forward to
  the continued growth and wonderful a-ha! moments the therapy will bring -        and this is all in addition to the         powerful increase of pleasure in my
                  personal life.”
                   Ryan Singer
       Comedian, Actor, and Author

  *In order to protect the confidentiality of Mark's Holistic Psychotherapy clients, the testimonials featured on this site are from       collaborations within his Psychospiritual Counsel and Archetypal Tantra templates which are free of legal confidentiality
                                                 restrictions and published with the consent of the writers.
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