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Sol Catalyst Therapies
       ~Soulful, innovative, and personalized allyship for courageous, creative, and empathic spirits~


 “My sacred purpose is acting as an advocate and guide for the reclamation and restoration of individual authenticity, wellness, self-expression, and sovereignty… toward catalyzing collective planetary healing for the benefit of all sentient beings.” 

                                                  Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC
Sol Catalyst Therapies is the private practice of Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC, located in Seattle, Washington.  Mark works with his own unique templates of Holistic Psychotherapy, Psychospiritual Counsel and Archetypal Tantra, specializing in supporting the liberation, healing, empowerment, enlightenment, and Self-actualization of musicians, artists, actors, comedians, writers, and wellness providers.
    Mark’s personal cosmology, life experiences, education, training, and spiritual practices initiated,   support and inform his passion for weaving Humanistic, Depth, Evidence-based, Somatic, and
Trauma-informed methods of Psychotherapy with sacred Archetypal languages and techniques of Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, and the I Ching, into these integrative, transformative, and potent therapeutic modalities.

     Holistic Psychotherapy




       Mark’s awareness of there being multiple   
  variables which lead individuals to seek therapy
      served as motivation and guidance for him     
      crafting his Holistic Psychotherapy template,
         with the intention of acknowledging and
         harmonizing the psychological, physical,
            emotional, relational, creative, and
               spiritual/existential dimensions
                          of humanity.  


 Enlightenment can be translated as freedom from
     suffering, and in current times suffering often
manifests as symptoms of anxiousness, depression,
      post-traumatic stress disorder, conflict within
   relationships, self-image issues, creative blocks, and confusion around the meaning and purpose of


      In implementing his Holistic Psychotherapy 
  template, Mark weaves together Humanistic and
      Depth Psychology, Trauma-informed and Evidence-based Somatic meditations and practices,

   and empowering sacred Archetypal languages       including Astrology and Tarot, which empower       him to assess, track, facilitate, and support the

intricate calibration of various elements of human




       The results of engagement in this Holistic     

      Psychotherapy process are often; relief of symptoms, clearing of obscurations, expansion of

      awareness, and subsequent blooming of enlightened states of; equanimity, pleasure, vigor,      reciprocal love, confidence, artistry, wisdom,             merit, & conscious Self-actualization. 


Psychospiritual Counsel

  Some of us are born with or develop a yearning          for spiritual or existential experience,
meaning, and purpose. Mark found awareness of
   such an element of himself early in life, guiding
    him to and supporting his diligent exploration,
      study, engagement, and practice of various 
      spiritual methods, and the accumulation of
increasingly profo
und and expansive experiences. 

 With appreciation of this perennial aspiration of        himself and humanity, complemented by his
gained knowledge and adeptness, Mark cultivated the design of his Psychospiritual Counsel template,     a mode of consultation in which he helps affect
      change at a soul level via the identification           and conscious actualization of authentic Self   embodiment and journey on one’s path of destiny.  
   Mark's Psychospiritual Consultations involve his        cohesive weaving together of 
the language,         theory, and practices of; Alchemy, Astrology,           Tarot, Chakra Systems, Shadow Integration,        Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, and the I Ching, 
    to expand awareness of individual archetypal   configurations in relation to collective cosmology,      and identify a tangible map and guidance for          practical navigation within the physical and                          aetherial territories. 

Mark’s wisdom and skill in these areas is informed by his eternal and steadfast passion and personal praxis, as well as his instruction, training, and/or     practicum with Anodea Judith Phd, Antero Alli,        the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, and                            Maja D'Aoust.

Archetypal Tantra

    Archetypal Tantra is a modality of instruction     
      woven by Mark via his conjunction of the languages, symbolism, theories, and practices of      Authentic Tantra ®, with those of Astrology and Tarot, and  provides a clear avenue for deepening    knowledge of one’s authentic Self, and affecting            external environmental and existential                circumstances by the internal and relational          healing of physical, emotional, psychological,           spiritual, and sexual dimensions of being.

      Engagement in this process with Mark as
  a guide is an initiation into the Shangpa Kagyu
    lineage of the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan             Tantric Buddhism, and into the realm of Astrological and Tarot cosmology and experience.         Spanning centuries, these templates are     
       compendiums holding configurations of            empowering beliefs and behaviors reflective of         perennial truths and wisdom which have the      capacity to catalyze gradual and/or swift healing,
      transformation, and Self-actualization, and
     consequently the support of an experienced
  practitioner is often vital and highly rewarding. 

   The path includes focus on increasing somatic and energy body awareness, connection with and
  integration of the archetypal five elements, and     conscious engagement and experimentation with     the sacred and divine duality and interplay of;   feminine and masculine, yin and yang, receptive 
     and active, toward cultivating an authentic          embodiment of
 sexuality according to one’s own
        desire, design, 
and pleasure compass. 

Mark’s instruction augments structure with         flexibility, supporting a mindfully inclusive and          diverse atmosphere and curriculum which            facilitate liberation, the results frequently are         experiences of fulfilling levels of trust, intimacy,        and pleasure, as well as feelings of bliss and                             enlightenment.


   “I thoroughly enjoyed taking Mark Barone’s Archetypal Tantra class. I was familiar with some aspects of Tantra but had no idea how in depth the course would go. Mark held a consistent and calm presence, always checking in to make sure I was understanding and moving at a pace that was comfortable for me, so I felt very safe and supported while learning from him. The meditations and visualizations really helped me to open up some blockages I hadn’t realized were
there. Things started happening in my life that aligned with the elements I was working with, and I really noticed the relationship between my inner and outer experience. I would highly recommend Mark’s Tantra class to anyone wanting to explore Tantra for the first time or for those wanting to go
 deeper with their practice.”

Marlene Seven Bremner
Artist, Writer, and Poet
       “My session with Mark was         enlightening and helped me dive  deeper into the shadow work I had been doing. He provided a caring space and made acute observations from studying my chart that had not been clear to me, and this opened   new pathways to integrating thought patterns and healing long-forgotten emotions. I highly recommend Mark's Psychospiritual Counsel service to anyone who wants to go deeper into   their psyche in a creative and more esoteric way."
 Trista Dedmon 
Designer, Mystic, and Creator
 “Mark's knowledge and manner make
   him the perfect guide to uncovering      and exploring the incredible healing   benefits of this magical system. I have   been astounded at the transformative power of Archetypal Tantra and at the     synchronicity each new meditation,   lesson, and insight have made in my         life. Mark's openness and deep         empathy make talking about and        dealing with my deepest insecurities remarkably easy and I look forward to
  the continued growth and wonderful a-ha! moments the therapy will bring -        and this is all in addition to the         powerful increase of pleasure in my
                  personal life.”
                   Ryan Singer
       Comedian, Actor, and Author

  *In order to protect the confidentiality of Mark's Holistic Psychotherapy clients, the testimonials featured on this site are from       collaborations within his Psychospiritual Counsel and Archetypal Tantra templates which are free of legal confidentiality
                                                 restrictions and published with the consent of the writers.

  Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC

Mark F. Barone.jpg

       Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Psychospiritual        Consultant, and Archetypal Tantra Instructor in Seattle, Washington, offering                         services via his private practice Sol Catalyst Therapies. 

Early in life he perceived his intuitive, empathic, and humanitarian skills, while also receiving exposure to the language and art of Astrology, and experiencing   epiphanies with regard to the potency of sound, image, ritual, spirituality, and    interpersonal exchanges.  In his twenties said traits led Mark to; working as a   recording and touring musician, initiation into exploration and experience with    the Tarot, study and production of artwork, and engaging in multiple forms of                                                         Yoga.

Subsequently Mark received and holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology,   professional status as a Licensed Health Mental Health Counselor, and formal    certification as a Sexologist, as well as education, training, and/or certification 

   in the spheres of Astrology, Chakra Yoga, and Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism,   
 which influenced and are integrated into his unique templates of healing and     actualization he implements to facilitate and support 
efficacious personal and                                                professional praxis.

 Rates + Contact

    Mark is located in Seattle, Washington, holds appointments via video conference, and his private                                  practice is currently full with a waiting list for potential new clients.      

Mark bills some insurance companies directly for services and provides a sliding scale of rates for his                                                                 private pay clients.               

  As the templates of Holistic Psychotherapy, Psychospiritual Counsel, and Archetypal Tantra are unique         from each other,  Mark will conduct a consultation before any initial appointments to identify if         collaborating feels like a consensually positive fit, as well as which modality will be best suited for your                                                             wants and needs.                                                   

     If you are interested in a consultation the following article specifies significant information to know                                                       before any contact with Mark;            
                              Sol Catalyst Therapies ~ practice currently full with waiting list                                     
The most effective way to contact Mark is via email at


The Magician (Portrait of Mark F. Barone)

oil on canvas 2024, by Marlene Seven Bremner

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